Achievement Testing Directions

Please note the appropriate test book per grade level:

Level K – Kindergarten Level 14 – 4th Grade Level 19 – 9th Grade
Level 10 – 1st Grade, non-reader Level 15 – 5th Grade Level 20 – 10th Grade
Level 11 – 1st Grade
Level 16 – 6th Grade Level 21/22 – 11th & 12th Grades
Level 12 – 2nd Grade Level 17 – 7th Grade  
Level 13 – 3rd Grade
Level 18 – 8th Grade  

***Examiner’s Manual and Answer Sheets Labeled 14-21/22A are to be used for Grades 4-12


What do I do if I received the wrong test?

If you have a different test than you ordered, or if you accidentally ordered the wrong test, please contact Crosspointe Educational Services ASAP.  We will attempt to remedy the situation in a timely manner.  There is a $5.00 shipping/handling fee if the wrong test was ordered.


What do I do when I receive the test materials?

  1. The testing materials are to be secured until the time of testing. 
  2. Tests must be administered by a qualified teacher or in compliance with state regulations for home school testing.
  3. Fill out attached TESTING AFFIDAVIT, which must be signed by parent and person administering the test.
  4. Testing should be scheduled over a minimum of 1-3 days with ample breaks.  The Complete Battery takes approximately six hours and the Survey takes about four hours.
  5. Before tests are administered, carefully review the sections on preparations and directions in the Examiner Manuals.
  6. Use a #2 pencil for the test books and the answer sheets.  NO INK.  Be sure to fill in the circles completely and with dark marks to ensure accurate scoring.
  7. On the ANSWER SHEETS, for tracking purposes, fill in the following blanks as directed: 
  8. Students in K-3 should write in the test books.
  9. Students in 4-12 must use the answer sheets and may NOT write in the test booklets.
  10. Disregard directions for PRACTICE TESTING as these are not available.
  11. Disregard directions for TEST OF COGNITIVE SKILLS as it is not included in the test booklet.
  12. Fill out a time sheet for each student.  A test is not valid if a student has lost time during the test or if the student has marked answers randomly.  (NOTE:  It is fine to let your child disregard time if they have a learning disability.  This has been approved by DNPE and CTB/McGraw Hill.  If this is the case, please be sure to attach a note informing us that you did not adhere to the time guidelines.  Be sure to fill out the times for your test anyway, no matter how long it took.